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It all started in 2014 with the aim of easing burdens and enhancing innovation in teenagers, but now its all about engaging in every aspect in juveniles, adolescents and teenagers.

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The Team

Diekolola Animashaun- Founder | Visual Content creator |CEO

Ossai Sandra- Director|Content creator And Engineer |Members manager

Vincent Okolie- Director |Event manager |Public Relations Officer

Caleb Oladele- Director| Hype and Publicity Manager

Rhoda Abah- Director |Social media Manager

Tochukwu Ojukwu- Director, Strategy and logistics Officer

Osuman Precious-  Resources and Production Manager

Martins Uchenna- Information technology and Digital Manager



Juveknots is a leading organization aimed at bringing together the young generation boosting and promoting their innovativeness marketing thoughts. Founded by innovators for innovators, Juveknots has been highlighting and networking the social, academic, technology, entrepreneurial and venture capital communities in Nigeria since 2014. Through online conferences, communities, web posts, media, and networking forums, Juveknots goal in life is to play a small part in helping to educate, network and build the Nation’s most innovative and independent juveniles.

Juveknots provides the younger generation with intensive support, engagement, programs, projects and interaction, which enables them to develop an idealistic mind, productive abilities, innovative and creative mindset.

We discover, improve, innovate, interact, engage, motivate, inspire, build, coach, create, tutor, play, ease, manage, boost, support, compete and expand!



Life coaching and mentoring          Social functions and hang outs

Academical improvement           Performance and result management

Talent and skill management and promotion      Workshops, seminars, conferences

Easy learning           Tools, equipment and gadget provision/rent

Projects and assignments help            Competitions

Projects and innovation exercise          News and info relating to juveniles in the world

Courses and tutorials      Educational news, scholarship offers and event informations.

Social, Financial, Physical, Emotional, Academical and Psychological support




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